Michael Reilly MAR. MARR. DipCFHP. MPSPract. LLLT. BA(Hons).

Cheltenham, GL50
Cheltenham, GL50


I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Relexologists. For those couples trying for a baby, I offer evidence based, protocol treatment and close support to you both. I can enhance fertility and support you on your conception journey naturally or through IVF, IUI and other assisted conception treatments. I can support the woman during the critical first 12 weeks from conception. I can also help the male partner to improve sperm quality. Your chances of a successful pregnancy will be better with help from me. I offer home visits in and around Cheltenham and Stafford.

Additional Details

I am a Low Level Laser Light Therapist. LLLT promotes healing without side effects: reduces swelling and pain: tendon strains, bone fractures, wound healing, peripheral nerve regeneration and pain relief. Acu-laser can help many ailments. I am a Foot Health Practitioner. I care for feet. I'm a member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners accredited with the Professional Standards Agency.