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Massage World issue 84 articles include: Neuro Reflex Therapy and Train to be a professional reflexologist

Massage World issue 83, articles include: The Gut and digestion system under stress - multi-faceted approach, The digestive system reflexology, Meridans and the Five Elements

Massage World issue 81, articles include: Introducation Hand Reflexology, Korean Hand Therapy and Hand Reflexology for self help

Massage World issue 80, articles include: What can go wrong with the natural process of fertility?, Supporting the conception journey with Reflexology, Fertilisation and implantation

Massage World issue 79, articles include: Reserach and Reflexology, Stirling study finds Reflexology affect the hearts of non-cardiology patients

Massage World issue 78, articles include: Orthopedic Reflexology, Reflexology how does it work?, Vertical Reflexology and Sports fitness

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Choice Health and Wellbeing

* Note: Choice magazine has now cesed to publish. However, previous articles can be viewed here.

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September/ October 2013

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Choice Spring 2014

Spring 2014

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Summer 2014


Choices Magazine Issue 13 New Reflexology Bridging course

Choices Magazine Issue 15 Articles include: Stress is an issue - holistic therapies can help

Choices Magazine Issue 16 Articles include: Facial Reflexology

Choices Magazine Issue 17 Articles include: Being disabled doesn't mean I'm difficult

Choices Magazine Issue 18 articles include: Supporting women through pregnancy

Choices Magazine Issue 19 articles include: Men are from Mars

Choices Magazine Issue 20 articles include: Training for a Career

Choices Magazine Issue 21 articles include: Reflexology: Treating during fertility intervention

Choices Magazine Issue 22 articles include: Plantar fasciitis a reflexology approach

Choices Magazine Issue 23 articles include: Celebrated Tutors